Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor (5th Anniversary Edition) [Deluxe]
Artist: Charles Todd
Format: Digital


Formats and Editions

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1. Intro
$1.29 Download
2. Real (Feat. Sarah Green)
$1.29 Download
3. Just Might Be Ok (Feat. Gemini)
$1.29 Download
4. Kick, Push
$1.29 Download
5. I Gotcha
$1.29 Download
6. The Instrumental (Feat. Jonah Matranga)
$1.29 Download
7. He Say She Say (Feat. Gemini And Sarah Green)
$1.29 Download
8. Sunshine
$1.29 Download
9. Daydreamin' (Feat. Jill Scott)
$1.29 Download
10. The Cool
$1.29 Download
11. Hurt Me Soul
$1.29 Download
12. Pressure (Feat. Jay-Z)
$1.29 Download
13. American Terrorist (Feat. Matthew Santos)
$1.29 Download
14. The Emperor's Soundtrack
$1.29 Download
15. Kick, Push II
$1.29 Download
16. Outro
17. Theme Music To A Drive-By (Bonus Track)
18. Tilted (Bonus Track)
$1.29 Download
19. Carrera Lu (Bonus Track)
$1.29 Download
20. What It Do (Bonus Track)
$1.29 Download
Digital download
1. Good Looking Woman (Originally Performed By Joe Dolan)
2. I Need You (Originally Performed By Joe Dolan)
3. Let The Heartaches Begin (Originally Performed By Joe Longthorne)
4. Sunny Side Of The Streets (Originally Performed By Joe Longthorne)
5. Comic Conversation (Originally Performed By John Farnham)
6. Killing Me Softly (Originally Performed By Roberta Flack)
7. Gangster Of Love (Originally Performed By Johnny ''guitar''' Watson)
8. Dreamsville (Originally Performed By Johnny Mathis & Monica Mancini)
9. Drinkin' Blues (Originally Performed By Johnny Winter)
10. Alla Luce Del Sole (Originally Performed By Josh Groban)
11. Mai (Originally Performed By Josh Groban)
12. She's Out Of My Life (Originally Performed By Josh Groban)
13. Cry Me A River (Originally Performed By Julie London)
14. Beautiful (Originally Performed By Julie London)
15. Bridge Over Trouble Water (Originally Performed By Last Choir Standing Ft. Josh Groban)
16. Big Fine Daddy (Originally Performed By Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers)
17. Two Words (Originally Performed By Lea Salonga)
18. When The Clans Come Together (Originally Performed By Lena Martell)
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